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Think Big, Start Small

Diperbarui: 4 Apr 2019

We started with Abunawas Express.

Our printed brochure at that time

It was Christmas Day on 2017 when We decided to launch Abunawas Express as Our first service in Abunawas. We chose delivery service because it was (yet it is still) a blue ocean in the market. The growth of e-commerce in Indonesia was just started.

Soft Launching event in front of Abunawas Head Office

We opened our first 5 stores together at each ITC in 5 cities in DKI Jakarta province. Our product was only 1, Same Day Delivery Service for DKI Jakarta province only, the price was Rp. 10.000/Kg flat. Yet We had no high-end IT system, just relied on Google Form to create Air Way Bills (AWB).

Muhamad Noor Sutrisno in front of Abunawas Express X-Banner

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