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HELP Delivery


Ease in each transaction process is a dream for all actors buying and selling online. Help helps realize these dreams to make our lives easier. Help Delivery is here to answer all these problems. Whether shipping in or out of town, Help is always there to help send your goods.

Help is the first and only instant pickup service in Indonesia. Help Delivery works with a number of large companies such as GOSEND and Alfamart to make it easy for you to send your goods.

Help service itself currently consists of 3 shipping services, namely Instant (in town), Regular and Next Day Service (inside and outside the city). Instant Service in collaboration with GOJEK, with this service the goods will arrive in less than 1 hour. Regular Services and Next Day Service can also make you happy with more economical prices and delivery times that are 98% on time!

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Help Delivery Services



Layanan Instant kami bekerja sama dengan GO-SEND yang memungkinan barang anda sampai kurang dari 1 Jam khusus dalam kota
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Same Day

Layanan Reguler merupakan jasa pengiriman barang dalam kota, dijemput instan dengan waktu pengantaran 3-8 Jam

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Next Day Service

Layanan Next Day Service merupakan jasa pengiriman barang antar kota, dijemput instan dengan waktu pengantaran 1 hari

Layanan Wehelpyou Delivery
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